Work Packages

WP1) Development of energy and information flow framework for iGIVE - M1-M32
(RA1, RA2, Dr Laverty, Prof Li, Dr Luk, and Chinese collaborator)
WP2) Power flow control-based battery model - M3-M24
(RA1, Prof Li, and Chinese collaborators)
WP3) Bi-directional traction drive charging system - M1-M33
(RA2, Dr Luk, and Chinese collaborators)
WP4) Model for environment friendly EV battery charging -  M3-M24
(Chinese collaborators, RA1, RA2, Prof Li, Dr Luk)
WP5) Optimal dispatching strategy for EV charging and discharging-  M1-M33
(Prof Li, Dr Foley, RA3 and Chinese collaborators)
WP6)  Holistic system model for the impact of EV actors - M1-M33
(Chinese collaborators, Prof Li, Dr Foley, RA3)